Getting Started


Welcome to Hyland & Associates Counseling, where your mental well-being is our top priority. As you enter our space, you will be met with warmth and understanding. We understand that starting therapy can be challenging, so we have created a safe and welcoming environment for you.

Brief Online Forms

After scheduling an appointment, you will receive an email with instructions to access your online client portal. In the portal, you will complete initial intake forms to provide information about yourself and outline your therapy goals. If you are seeking couples counseling, you will also be given a detailed couples questionnaire


Once the paperwork is complete, you’ll have a private consultation with one of our skilled therapists. This session is an opportunity for you to discuss your mental health concerns, goals, and any questions you may have about the therapy process.

History and Assessment

Your therapist will review your intake forms before your first session. During your initial meeting, through thoughtful conversation and assessment, you and your therapist will collaboratively identify key areas of focus and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Client Portal and Mobile App

Convenience: Access the client portal and app anytime, anywhere, making it easy to manage your appointments, complete intake forms, and communicate with your therapist from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Efficiency: Streamline the administrative process by filling out necessary paperwork online before your appointment. This saves time during your session and allows your therapist to focus more on your therapeutic needs.

Secure Messaging: Communicate with your therapist securely through the portal or app, ensuring your conversations remain private and confidential.

Appointment Management: Easily schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments. You can also receive reminders and notifications to help you keep track of your therapy sessions.

Document Access: Upload and access important documents directly from the portal or app. This keeps all your information organized and easily accessible.

Payment Processing: Simplify billing and payments by managing them online. You can view invoices, make payments, and track your payment history conveniently through the portal.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

To ensure continuity of care, we’ll help you schedule your next appointment before you leave. Whether you’re returning for an in-person session or an online counseling session, we’ll work together to find a time that fits your schedule and supports your therapeutic progress.